Friday, July 27, 2007 #74

our first entry in the draw marcello contest from MARK in abbotsford british columbia....

this week music by and an interview with TOM HAMLYN of TOYKULT and we take a look at some late 70's/early 80's AUSTRALIAN ROCK and a MONSTER BOBBY tune you may never have heard before.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Armpit Beetle Infestation Spreads to Vancouver's West Side

As the B.C. forest industry struggles to deal with the widespread devastation caused by the pine beetle in more northern areas of B.C., a new strain has apparently developed, and this one likes to feed off of human beings instead of trees.
But not just any humans, according to the UBC Biology Research Centre's Head of Operations, Ralph Connelly. "The pit beetle, as we've termed it, has limited olfactory senses and no sense of sight, and has a hard time differentiating what constitutes a tree. And as some people in this province spend a lot of time protesting logging in clearcut sites across the province, sometimes chaining themselves to trees or logging equipment, it's no surprise that the beetles confuse the scent of their new hosts with that of their usual meals. They attach themselves to the dense undergrowth in the armpits of the victim, mistaking it for tree moss, and proceed to burrowing themselves into the flesh, or bark of the victim, and onward towards the brain. From then it's only a few bongo beats down the line before our tree-hugging friend starts to feel the effects of pit-beetle dementia."
When asked what the long-term effects of being attacked by this new pest may be, Professor Connelly shuddered and gave this response - The first stage is relatively benign, with the victim foregoing the usual self-care a human being practices, like bathing or wearing clean clothes. It shortly progresses to an aversion to footwear, meat, and synthetic fabrics, or anything not made by some third-world peasant living in a mud hut. As the beetle's effect on the brain tissue increases, the victim soon becomes little more than a demented scarecrow, with only the smallest awareness of his surroundings. They may even subconsciously cry out for help in the only way their addle-brained consciousness can muster - endless incoherent chanting, and spinning in circles in public in a vain attempt to communicate their ordeal.
The first signs of the disease are obvious - the purchase of a Shawn Phillips or Cat Stevens record, especially if the victim doesn't own a turntable. They will often offer a trade instead of cash, such as a ball of twine, or half a pack of rolling papers.
Until a cure is found anyone of B.C.'s tree-hugging population could be happily chained to a pine tree one week, and the next week a twirling, blithering spaz with a head full of beetle crap, waiting to collapse forever on the ground like a lifeless bag of organic compost.
While the danger to many innocent victims is obvious, the real danger is yet to be realized, says Prof. Connelly. If this trend of the pine beetle to infest the brains of those who fight the forestry industry continues it could have drastic effects on the culture of our society as a whole. Not only could it mean the slow, spinning death or hundreds of hairy, flea-bitten, poncho puppies, but there is a real and tangible fear that either Shawn Phillips or Cat Stevens may interpret this small increase in their record sales to encourage them to make further recordings. And if that happens the pit beetles win.

Below: PBD sufferers gather at an impromptu quarantine camp on Jericho Beach, in what they are told will be the "band area" for a "festival", with a possible appearance by Shawn Phillips. Shortly thereafter they're led in groups onto a wildly-painted schoolbus for some "special Kool-aid". After the drink is handed out the doors of the bus are locked an the victims are put out of their misery by members of the Timberwest Forest Corporation with automatic weapons.

beetle addled

Friday, July 20, 2007

radiofreemontreal #72

this week, we talk to dan from PRIESTESS, and music from FREAKWATER, DEATH SENTENCE, THE YOUNG CANADIANS, THE POINTED STICKS, and HUIS CLOS...draw marcello

Saturday, July 14, 2007

du do du lookin' out my back door

the first photo was taken at the end of May the other was taken about a month later in early July.

Friday, July 13, 2007


this week we look at DEL SHANNON, PAS CHIC CHIC, and ROCK AND ROLL TUESDAYS at CASA DEL POPOLO...draw marcello...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

radiofreemontreal #70


....and i'm back from a month in B.C. with songs and stories from the west, check out hear music from the DOERS, the EVAPORATORS, MONSTER BOBBY, the PIPPETTES, FROG EYES, SLOW and ELVIS as well as interviews with NARDWUAR, MONSTER BOBBY, BARRY from the DOERS.....and more